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Difference between .mp4 and .webm

Videos have become a vital strategy in digital marketing. Before creating your video, you'll need to understand the best video formats for different platforms.

Both MP4 and WebM are video container formats, but they use different codecs to assess the quality and performance of a video. For WebM, these are VP8 and VP9. MP4 operates with H.264 


MP4 is a widely used video format and usable on any device regardless of the platform, network, or browser. An MP4 video can store video, image, audio, and text files. It can also maintain its quality even when compressed into a smaller file size.


Google introduces WebM format as a royalty-free file format. It was initially designed for playing on browser embedded media players, which aims to make online video streaming possible on different devices. 

When to use these formats?

WebM and MP4 can both produce high-quality videos. Choose WebM if you want to use your videos for internet streaming. It is widely used for HTML5 and is compatible with all modern browsers.

MP4 is a universal video format that is compatible with most devices and requires very small disk space. If you plan to have a good video quality and want the video to be downloaded that can be played on whatever device, exporting your video as an MP4 is a better choice.

WebM also now supports video alpha transparency, so you can play videos with a transparent background. Transparent backgrounds can be useful if you're making video templates that you can later use on your video projects. You can import the video and place them on a top layer without covering the entire project.

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